How to Bulk Print E-Mail Messages

So you need to print out a bunch of emails? You’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss serveral ways to bulk print email messages.

Printing From Your Email Client

Most email clients provide a method to print multiple email messages.  In Microsoft Office Outlook, for example, bulk printing emails is as easy as selecting multiple mails from the list, right clicking on the list and then choosing “Quick Print.”

Screen shot of Outlook 2013, with multiple emails selected, and the right click menu showing "Quick Print."
Print Multiple Emails from Outlook

Most email clients have this ability, or something similar. It’s possible your situation may be more complex.  For example, what if you are a legal secretary tasked with printing out emails involved in a legal case, and the messages you received in discovery are in different formats, and not viewable in your email client software?

Printing Emails Using an Email Viewer

Quality email viewing software can open email messages that are stored in many different formats, including Outlook .pst or .ost files, individual emails saved as .msg or .eml files, .mbox, or winmail.dat files.  Using an email viewer like Encryptomatic LLC’s PstViewer Pro can be an easy way to gain quick access to emails without the need install multiple email clients on your computer.

screen shot of PstViewer Pro email viewer with multiple emails selected.
Printing multiple email formats with PstViewer Pro

PstViewer Pro can organize multiple email messages into a single list even if they have different formats.  For example, .msg and .eml emails can be bundled together into one view.  This makes it possible to discover similar email content by applying search filters across different types of email content.

To select all of the email content in the list for printing, type ‘Control A” on your Windows keyboard, then select Print.

For more information about printing with PstViewer Pro, feel free to reach us using the Live Chat on this website, post them in the comments, or email the support team: supportline at 

Download a free trial of PstViewer Pro.

What are Winmail.dat files and How Do I Open Them?

Sometimes an e-mail message might arrive in your inbox with a “winmail.dat” file attachment.  You might find that that you are unable to open it. Why does this happen?
Sometimes messages sent from the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client or Microsoft Exchange server have Rich Text Formatting (RTF) that your e-mail client does not understand. E-mails with RTF display different text styles, fonts and colors. The winmail.dat file contains the RTF information for the message, but usually will not open normally. 
Usually what happens is that your e-Mail client will display the message text, while the the RTF formatting remains in the Winmail.dat file attachment.  If you could open the RTF message, you would see email with the same text but different formatting.
You could ask the sender to only send to you in plain text formatting, and then there would be no winmail.dat file attachments.
Another option for Windows users (besides purchasing Microsoft Outlook) is to download a viewer program like MessageViewer Lite by Encryptomatic LLC.  MessageViewer Lite can display the contents an formatting of the winmail.dat file. MessageViewer Lite is us$24.95. A free 15 day trial is available.
MessageViewer Lite viewer opens winmail.dat files.
Winmail.dat viewer for MS Windows.
MessageViewer Lite also opens Outlook .msg emails, and .eml email files, all in addition to Winmail.dat files.   
If you have any questions, post them below and we’ll be glad to answer you.