Friday, June 10, 2016

Converting Emails from .EML to .HTML Files.

A .eml file is an individual email message that has been moved outside of an email client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird. EML files may contain pictures, file attachments, email metadata, and more.

Its very common to receive email messages that are formatted either as Text (.TXT) or HTML files.  Embedding HTML in emails lets the sender mark up the text. They can add formatting, titles, colors, images and logos to their email messages. 

In an earlier article, we decribed how to convert .eml to text files with EmlViewer Pro (also known as PstViewer Pro), the email viewer software for Windows that lets you discover and convert email messages.  If plain old text files are too boring for you, let us show you how to convert .eml email files directly into HTML documents. You could even post them to your web server, if you like, for the entire internet to see.

Converting .EML to .HTML Files

Saving a .eml email file as html file will save the HTML code to a .html file.  Instead of having all of the elements contained in a single .eml file, an email converted from .eml to .html will be broken apart, just like a regular web page. The individual elements will be stored as separate files that are linked from the resulting .html page. Any embedded elements, like pictures, will be stored in a folder.

Converting .eml files to .html is useful if you want to preserve the email content, but also want easy access to embedded images or  file attachments.

Although we are describing how to convert .eml to .html, this same process can be used with EmlViewer Pro to create html files from emails stored in .msg, .pst, .ost and .mht files. You can convert one email to html, or bulk convert thousands of emails to .html.

Eml Viewer Pro

If you would like to follow along with the step by step instructions, download a 15 day free trial of EmlViewer Pro software for Microsoft Windows by Encryptomatic LLC.  EmlViewer Pro is also known as PstViewer Pro. At one time EmlViewer Pro and PstViewer Pro were separate products, but they have recently been combined into a single more powerful product able to process many different email formats.

Step 1 Start EmlViewer Pro. Using the folder explorer on the left side of the screen, select the folder containing your .Eml Files. The emails will be viewable in the EmlViewer Pro mail list.

Step 2  Select the Eml files you want to convert to HTML.  Selected files will appear highlighted in the mail list.

Screen image of EmlViewer Pro with emails selected in preparation of conversion to HTML format.
Selected emails are highlighted

Step 3  Select the target export format "HTML"

Screen shot of EmlViewer Pro with HTML export profile selected in list.
Choose HTML export profile

Step 4  Click the "Export" button to begin the export process.

The Eml files will now be converted into Html.  Lets take a look at the folder and see how the files are organized.

Notice that the folder contains .html files that use the email Subject line as the file name. The image elements for emails that contain them will be placed in a sub folder, which will share the same name as the html file. Folder organization keeps the email elements (images and file attachments) from being mingled with other emails.
Screen shot of a Windows folder showing the organization of HTML index and image subfolders.
Folder structure of emails converted to HTML files

To view the email as a HTML page, click on it, and Windows will open it in your web browser,

Screen shot of an email displayed in Google Chrome web browser. The email has been converted to a HTML file by EmlViewer Pro software.
An Email that has been converted to a HTML file, displayed in Google Chrome web browser.

If you have any questions about EmlViewer Pro, post them below, or use the online chat service here to talk to a support technician.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to Convert Emails From Outlook .MSG to .EML

This article will show you how to convert Outlook .msg files to .eml files.

Msg email files are created by Microsoft Office Outlook.  An Msg file contains a single email message and any file attachments.  When an Outlook email message is copied outside of Outlook's .pst or .ost database file, it is saved as a .msg file. Usually, the file name will be the email subject, such as "monthly report.msg"

If you have Microsoft Outlook for Windows, you can open an .msg file by clicking on it.  Because .msg files are a format that is proprietary to Microsoft, you may want to bulk convert Outlook .msg files to .eml files.  .Eml files are an open format supported by other email clients.

EmlViewer Pro is a handy tool for managing and converting email content.  It can read both .msg and .eml files, as well as Outlook .pst, .ost and .mbox files.   

While Outlook can open individual .msg files when you click on them, it does not search or organize .msg or .eml files.  EmlViewer Pro is useful for reading in a folder with hundreds or thousands of .msg or .eml files, searching them, and also exporting them to different formats.

How to convert .Msg to .Eml

Download a free trial of EmlViewer Pro (also known as PstViewer Pro) and follow along with us.

When EmlViewer Pro starts, use the explorer view in the left column to select the folder containing your .msg email files. The .msg files will be read into EmlViewer Pro.  An .msg file can be recognized by the small "M" email icon in the mail list.

Screen shot of EmlViewer Pro with .msg files displayed.
.Msg Files in the EmlViewer Pro mail list.

Use EmlViewer Pro's search feature to identify the .msg files you want to convert to .eml.

To select an email, highlight it in the list by clicking on it.  You can hold the control key and select multiple .msg emails for conversion.  To select all emails in the list, type control-A.

Now that the .msg files have been selected, click on the "Export" tab. From the dropdown list, select "Eml" export profile and then click on the "Export" button.

EmlViewer Pro will now begin converting the selected files from Msg to Eml format.

When the process is complete, you can use EmlViewer Pro to select the folder where your new .eml files reside, and they will be read into the mail list.

Converting .msg to .eml emails is easy with EmlViewer Pro. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments, or email us at supportline at, or call us at +1-651-815-4902 x2.

Monday, May 2, 2016

How to Convert EML Files to PDF?

There is no other file format as convenient as PDF for archiving and sharing EML email files.   It seems like a simple thing to do, but in practice you may discover that converting .Eml to .Pdf can be anything but convenient.  It's easy to forget how complex email documents like .eml files can be.

Eml files can be formatted in text or HTML.  They may have different kinds of email file attachments.  In fact, Eml files can be attached to other .eml files -- how do you handle emails inside of emails?

If you are converting many .eml files to .pdf, you want to give the files a special name.  Or, perhaps you need to combine multiple .eml files into one .pdf file.  

If your project calls for converting more than a few .eml files to .pdf, you will want to try EmlVeiwer Pro (also known as PstViewer Pro), a Windows software tool that is specifically designed to convert email from .Eml files and other formats to .PDF, and able to accommodate the many different situations and preferences that your project will encounter.

Converting .Eml to .Pdf with EmlViewer Pro software.

Here's how to convert emails from .eml to .pdf with EmlViewer Pro. Download the 15 day free trial follow along.  
  1. 1 Start EmlViewer Pro and use the Explorer tree to select the location of your .eml files. EmlViewer Pro will read the emails into an organized maillist,
  2. Select the emails you want to convert to PDF in the maillist.
  3. From the "Export" tab choose the PDF export profile that you want to run.  If you want the file attachments to be part of the PDF document image, choose "PDF - attachments converted/included"
  4. Click "Export" to being the process.
EmlViewer Pro can convert most common email file attachments into the PDF image, including PDF files, image files, and Microsoft Office documents if Office is installed on the computer.

Besides .Eml files, EmlViewer Pro can also convert .msg, .pst, .ost and .mht formatted emails to PDF.

Do you have any questions about converting Email to PDF? Post them in the comments and we'll be glad to answer them.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Can I Open a .EML Email File in Microsoft Word?

.EML email files can contain plain text, or they may contain HTML elements.  The content of a EML file can sometimes be copied from the email and then pasted into a word processing application like Microsoft Word. The result you obtain from a Windows "copy and paste" operation may not be acceptable, especially when if the EML file contains complex formatting elements like columns and embedded images.

While it would be convenient if Microsoft Office Word could navitivly open EML files, sadly it does not.  In this article we explain two ways to convert a EML email so that it can be easily imported into Microsoft Word.

In these example, we will be using EmlViewer Pro Pro (also known as PstViewer Pro) by Encryptomatic LLC.  EmlViewer Pro can convert .EML file into two file formats that Microsoft Word can open:  DOCx and HTML.

First, decide if you want to convert EML files into DOCx or HTML files.

Why DOCx?
DOCx files are native Word files. Converting straight from EML to DOCx is (in our opinion) the easiest and best way to get the email content into MS Word.  In our experience, this method produces the best results.

HTML files are very common. You may prefer to convert directly to HTML and skip DOCX altogether. Images and other graphic elements are copied to a folder for easy access. Converting EML to HTML for import to Word is not quite as easy as it involves making some adjustments to Microsoft Word's settings.

Download a free 15 day trial of EmlViewer Pro and follow along.

Converting EML to Word DOCx 

1.  EmlViewer Pro and locate the .EML file you want to convert to a DOCx file.   Click on the file in the mail list so it is highlighted.  You can select one or many EML files.
Screen shot of EmlViewer Pro with a .eml email file selected.
Click on the email file you want to convert, then go to the Export tab.

2. Click the "Export" tab and from the drop down list, scroll through the available export formats until you see "DOCx."

Screen shot showing the location of the EML file to DOCx exporter function in EmlViewer Pro.
Choose "DOCx" and click "Export"

3. Click the "Export" button.

Your EML file has now been converted to a Word DOCx file.
Screen shot of a Word document and file name.
Converted EML file is now a Word document.

To edit this file in Microsoft Word, just double click on it. Microsoft Word will open the file so you can edit it as a normal document.

Screen shot of a converted .eml file loaded in Microsoft Word.
Converted EML File shown in Microsoft Word

Converting EML to HTML For Editing Microsoft Word

The steps to convert a EML file into a HTML file using EmlViewer Pro are similar to the steps for converting to a DOCX file, with one slight change to step 2:  choose "HTML" as the target export format from EmlViewer Pro's export list.

The largest difference be in the ease of opening the  HTML document in Word.  In Outlook 2016, HTML import is "off" by default.  Before you can import the Eml-to-HTML converted file, you will need to enable the Word HTML import feature.

Start Microsoft Word 2016 and go to File > Options >Advanced

Place a check in the box labeled, "Confirm file format conversion on open."

Microsoft Word 2016 enable html editing.
Enable this function in Word 2016 to open HTML files

To open the HTML file in Word, go to File > Open and locate the file.  Selected it to open.


We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions about converting Eml email files to DOCX or HTML, please post them in the comments below.

By the way, you can also use EmlViewer Pro to export Outlook .MSG email files to Word documents.  In step 1, simply choose a MSG file to export.